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sunstream boat lifts
Golden Boat Lifts® is committed to supplying Boat Lifts that are safe, good looking, easy to operate and dependable. Golden Boat Lifts® uses modern methods, technology and skilled technicians. Their Lifts are welded because they believe that the extra expense of skilled welders and the best welding materials are worth it. Don’t take their word for it; just ask Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Rolls Royce, BMW and Jaguar just to name a few high end Quality companies that know very well that a welded aluminum body and frame is far superior to a bolted one. Backed by thirty years of manufacturing Boat Lifts, their knowledge of boats and lifts allows them to bring you the finest Boat Lift possible anywhere in the world.

Golden Boat Lifts® encourages you to compare their products and company reputation to all other boat lift manufacturers, and You will understand why their customers come back time after time to buy our products.

sunstream boat lifts
Sunstream Boat Lifts is a major player in the boat lift industry, with over 10-years of experience, Sunstream’s family of lifts integrates modern hydraulics, rugged aluminum frames and eco-friendly materials. This combination creates a superior product that provides our customers with the safety and peace of mind they deserve.

The marine-grade hydraulic system uses a long-lasting, environmentally friendly and water-soluble hydraulic fluid that will not stain your dock like conventional oils.

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