The Boat Lift Advantage

A boat lift accounts for only a small percentage of your boating expense, yet it greatly reduces maintenance, pays for itself, and adds enjoyment to your boating experience.

Stop Worrying About Your Boat
Eighty-five percent of boats that sink, do so at the dock. Typically, a simple dead battery or a failed bilge pump is all it takes to lose your boat.

More Boating, Less Scrubbing
Even with bottom paint, the bottom of your boat needs to be cleaned regularly. A lift keeps your boat bottom clean. Add a canopy, which prevents grime and bird droppings from accumulating on the top of your boat.

Get More Fun From Your Boat
Boat lifts keeps your boat clean and ready to launch in seconds. You’ll be able to use your boat far more often, with greater enjoyment and less time spent cleaning. Be proud of your good-looking, clean boat.

Save Money
Dry storing your boat on a boat lift can increase a boats resale value by nearly 15% -20%. A clean bottom enhances performance, saves fuel, increases range and eliminates the recurring cost of bottom painting.

Prevent Hull and Drive Damage
Wet storage of your boat is the primary cause for hull blisters. Wet storage also damages outdrives, props, shafts. With a boat lift you can significantly reduce costly wear and tear on your boat by storing your boat above the water line.