New Paradise Roll-In Dock

We are proud to introduce our new roll-in dock system, designed and built at our facility in Vernon, BC. This new system is constructed from marine grade 6061 T6 aluminum with custom stainless steel fasteners, its is stiffer, stronger and tougher than the competition!

Our dock has a multi-track system that makes reconfiguring and customizing a breeze. We have many standard sizes and accessories available, custom sections are available upon request. The unique bolt together design gives the owner flexibility as the competing weld-together designs limit the consumers ability to replace parts or make changes, although bolt-together is a more expensive construction method we believe the advantages outweigh the additional cost, would you buy a car you couldn’t repair?

Paradise Roll-In Dock

For more information on the new Paradise Roll-In dock system click here

Our Superior 6′ Lifting Range: Why It’s Important to Have!

- Water fluctuation is regulated on Lake Okanagan, typical lake fluctuation is between 3.5-4 feet and flooding events can result in even higher water levels (as we have seen in recent years!)

- It’s imperative that your lift has enough range to keep your boat high enough out of the waves, as most locals are aware 2-3′ waves are not uncommon, especially during storms! Unlike the chain-hoist or cable lifts that are hardwired to the dock power, our lifts are self-contained and solar-powered, and the hydraulics are designed to be submerged. The powerpack can simply be removed in flood events, avoiding expensive repair bills and damage.

- Many lift dealers will attempt to sell you that their 4′ or 5′ ranges are sufficient, as their product cannot handle the additional stresses associated with a 6′ lift, or try to upsell you on costly range extensions that also reduce the capacity. Our products have been designed to overcome these shortfalls and come standardized with a 6′ range. Awesome!

-Our Golden Tornado lift comes stock with a 6′ lifting range, it is perfectly suited for the Okanagan Valley or lakes with high water fluctuation or large wave action.

Boat Lift Damage

Boat Lift Damage

Below is a table from the Provincial Government outlaying typical lake fluctuation.

A quality boat lift is an expensive investment. It’s important to do your research, ask your dealer questions about what product will be best suited to your environment and needs, and ultimately guarantee it’s your boat that’s high and dry (…not your wallet!)

We are here to help!
The Paradise Dock & Lift Team

2017 Boat Shows

Golden Elevator Boat Lift

The New Year has finally arrived and the boating season is just around the corner! Come check out the latest boats and accessories at one of the many boat shows happening throughout the province. For 2017 we will be the Western Canadian exclusive distributor for Golden Boat Lifts giving our customers yet another premium product to enhance their waterfront property with.

Paradise Dock & Lift is pleased to announce it will be attending the following 2015 boat shows:

Vancouver International Boat Show
Where: BC Place, Vancouver
When: Jan 18 – 22

Toronto International Boat Show
Where: Enercare Centre, Toronto
When: Jan 20 – 29

Calgary Boat & Sportsmen’s Show
Where: BMO Centre, Calgary
When: Feb 9 – 12

BC Boat & Sportsmen’s Show
Where: Tradex, Abbotsford
When: Mar 3 – 5

Edmonton Boat Show
Where: Northlands, Edmonton
When: Mar 16 – 19

Kelowna Boat Show
Where: Kelowna Yacht Club, Kelowna
When: TBD

Vernon Boat Show
Where: Vernon Yacht Club, Vernon
When: May 6 – 7

Boat Lift Installations

6,000 lb Boat Lift

Latest Installations

Check out some of our latest boat lift installations throughout British Columbia, to view more installations please visit our gallery. Whether you have a tournament boat, cruiser, or cuddy cabin we have a lift that will protect your boat.

The Sunstream SunLift and FLOE vertical lifts are the preferred lifts for lakes with less than 4′ of water fluctuation during the boating season, these lifts can be installed into water depths up to 25′. For deeper water or large fluctuation such as tidal situations the Sunstream FloaLift is the preferred lift.

Unlike most boat lift companies we carry a large inventory of lifts and docks enabling us to provide timely service delivering the product you want when you need it.

If you were offered a KIA or a BMW for a few hundred dollars more which would you take ?

Sure both have 4 wheels and a motor but there are major differences in performance and craftsmanship. All boat lifts are not created equally so it’s important to make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase.

At Paradise Dock & Lift we stand behind our product. We do not believe in steel construction, it’s a cheaper material than our aluminum and there’s a reason why! Our 6061 aluminum frames are just as strong and will never rust or require re-painting. We also believe the bunks should be rubber capped aluminum; wooden carpeted bunks rot, tear and require constant repairs. Many manufactures use these lower quality components to produce a subpar product. Our lifts use only the highest quality components and will pass the test of time. When your purchasing a boat lift your making an investment for many years to come so it’s important to be educated and make the right choice.

Automatic Boat Lift Cover – Kelowna, BC

Automatic Boat Cover installed in Mission, Kelowna, BC.

Nautique G25 – Automatic Boat Lift Cover

Cover your boat in seconds with the push of a button with the new Automatic Boat Cover from Sunstream Boat Lifts. With the new cover you benefit from complete protection from the sun, weather, bugs and birds. Gone are the days of manually covering your boat, now you can head out for a 20 minute surf without having to deal with the headache of uncovering and recovering your boat.

Why the Automatic Cover ?

- Use your boat more often, less hassle.

- Fast and easy hydraulic covering and uncovering

- Ultimate protection from the elements

- Better security.

- Covers down to the waterline.

- Does not block views.

- Spring mechanism and elastic keeps the cover tight.

As boat lift canopies are prohibited in many municipalities throughout British Columbia the Automatic Boat Cover from Sunstream Boat Lifts is the perfect solution! .

What if I get a new boat ?

Although the canvas is customized for each boat the hydraulic system remains the same. If you do decide to change boats we simply install a new canvas to your existing ABC frame.

Is my lift compatible ?

Currently the automatic boat cover is designed to work on the 6,000 – 10,000 lb Sunstream SunLifts. We can customize the cover to fit on the larger boat lifts as long as the overall boat length does not exceed 30′.

For more information and pricing please contact an associate.

Author: Yanek Buksowicz

Okanagan Boat Lifts

Hydraulic Boat Lift, Kelowna, BC

Summer is finally upon us and we have some great new information and products to share! We have been working flat out over the last few months to ensure your lifts are installed and ready to go for the warm weather. We differentiate ourselves from the competition with our unparalleled service, the summers in British Columbia are short and sweet and as a result we carry a large inventory of lifts and parts to ensure we have the product you want when you want it.

New 7,000 lb Hydraulic Boat Lift

SunLift 7012ER Features:

- Heavy-duty aluminum frame
- Rubber capped aluminum bunks that won’t tear or rot away!
- WiFi compatibility – control the lift with your smart phone and receive diagnostic reports.
- Standard 5’ lifting range – perfectly suited for Lake Okanagan.

This lift combines the heavy duty design currently found on the larger 8,000 and 10,000 lb SunLifts at an attractive price, only a few hundred dollars more than our popular 6,000 lb lift!!

Automatic Boat Cover:

We will be installing the new automatic boat cover next week on a Nautique G25, this will be the first of its kind in the Okanagan! As boat lift canopies have been outlawed in many municipalities throughout the Okanagan, the ABC offers the perfect solution allowing you to quickly and conveniently protect your boat from the environment without the hassles of wrestling with the manufactures cover. All covers are completely custom and measured to each specific boat to guarantee a tight fit, for more information or for a demonstration please contact an associate.

SunLift Install – Kawkawa Lake, Hope, BC

Hydraulic Boat Lift, Hope, BC

Hydraulic Boat Lift – Hope, BC

Check out our latest install on Kawkawa Lake near Hope, BC. This installation features the 4,500 lb capacity hydraulic SunLift with both front and rear guides.

The 4,500 lb SunLift is perfect for smaller ski and wakeboard boats, the picture above features a 20′ Tige RZR, to learn more about the lift please visit the SunLift Page.

Kelowna Boat Show

Kelowna Boat Show

2014 Kelowna Boat Show

Learn about the hottest new accessories and products that will enhance your waterfront property at the Kelowna Boat Show (April 26-27). We will be demonstrating two of our Okanagan favourites; our Sunstream SunLift and FLOE Roll-In dock.

The Sunstream SunLift is the Cadillac of hydraulic boat lifts; it has many features not found on competing products. The SunLift can be controlled with your smart phone, has a heavy-duty aluminum frame, rubber-capped aluminum bunks and a marine grade hydraulic system (complete with scrubbers and boots). There’s a reason why Sunstream is the worldwide industry leader in hydraulic lifts!

The FLOE Roll-In dock system is perfect for the Okanagan Valley’s beautiful lakes. The aluminum construction requires zero maintenance and the easy level legs allow you to simply adjust the dock height with a cordless drill. The tires allow for easy seasonal removal, and for permanent installations, sand-pads can be used. Check out the video on our dock page to learn more about the roll-in dock system.

The 2014 Kelowna Boat Show is held at the Kelowna Yacht Club on 1414 Water Street. Come experience the amazing Paradise Dock & Lift products at the North docks: F dock slips 33 & 34! (Exhibitor Map), next to Wizard Lake Marine. If you’re in need of a boat lift or dock system, this is the perfect time to take advantage of our many manufactures incentives and sales. Hope to see you at the show!

Author: Yanek Buksowicz

Kelowna Boat Lifts

Kelowna Boat Lifts

Premium Boat Lifts for the Okanagan

Our hydraulic boat lifts are perfectly suited to the Okanagan, the marine grade aluminum frame and hydraulic system will provide long lasting durability. We have installed many of these lifts in Kelowna and surrounding areas. The solar charging option makes perfect use of the okanagan sun, no dock power required! For Okanagan lake we recommend the optional range extensions giving the lift either a 5′ or 6′ lifting range eliminating the need to move and re-level the lift as the high water recedes. Our hydraulic lifts are safer than competing lifts, never worry about snapping cables again! Our over-centre gravity lock secures the lift in the raised position, a loss of hydraulic pressure won’t even lower the lift.

As there are bylaws that prevent boat lift canopies in Kelowna and many other local municipalities, our Automatic-Boat Cover provides an ideal solution. With the ABC you can protect your boat from the harsh elements while eliminating the tedious job of installing factory covers after a long day out on the water. The cover automatically rolls out over your boat, providing full coverage all the way down to the waterline, these covers make boating more enjoyable while protecting your investment.

For a durable heavy duty boat lift perfectly suited to BC’s interior please visit our hydraulic boat lift page to learn more about the various models.

Author: Yanek Buksowicz