Kelowna Boat Show

Kelowna Boat Show

2014 Kelowna Boat Show

Learn about the hottest new accessories and products that will enhance your waterfront property at the Kelowna Boat Show (April 26-27). We will be demonstrating two of our Okanagan favourites; our Sunstream SunLift and FLOE Roll-In dock.

The Sunstream SunLift is the Cadillac of hydraulic boat lifts; it has many features not found on competing products. The SunLift can be controlled with your smart phone, has a heavy-duty aluminum frame, rubber-capped aluminum bunks and a marine grade hydraulic system (complete with scrubbers and boots). There’s a reason why Sunstream is the worldwide industry leader in hydraulic lifts!

The FLOE Roll-In dock system is perfect for the Okanagan Valley’s beautiful lakes. The aluminum construction requires zero maintenance and the easy level legs allow you to simply adjust the dock height with a cordless drill. The tires allow for easy seasonal removal, and for permanent installations, sand-pads can be used. Check out the video on our dock page to learn more about the roll-in dock system.

The 2014 Kelowna Boat Show is held at the Kelowna Yacht Club on 1414 Water Street. Come experience the amazing Paradise Dock & Lift products at the North docks: F dock slips 33 & 34! (Exhibitor Map), next to Wizard Lake Marine. If you’re in need of a boat lift or dock system, this is the perfect time to take advantage of our many manufactures incentives and sales. Hope to see you at the show!

Author: Yanek Buksowicz