Dock & Boat Lift Fall Removals

boat lift fall removal

Paradise Dock & Lift Inc. offers a fall removal service, we remove many boat lifts and docks for our customers to protect their purchases from ice damage. Every spring we re-install the products for the upcoming boating season.

If you are interested in such a service please contact an associate for details and pricing.

Fall Instructions:

Make sure your lift is in the fully up position.

Disconnect the a/c or solar charger as the battery does not need to be charging all winter (can lead to premature drying out of your battery).

Disconnect the battery terminals and ac or solar charging leads.

Remove the black caps and check the fluid levels in the battery, the fluid should be approx 1-2″ below the top. Top up with distilled water prior to reconnecting in the spring.

A good battery will not freeze, we generally leave our batteries in the units with no problem. If you are concerned, remove the battery and fully charge before reinstalling in the spring.

Thin Ice Applications:

For areas that freeze less than 18″ you can simply remove the guides and lower the lift underwater (beneath the ice).

The top of the bunks should be approximately 24″ below the waterline. Disconnect the hoses and attach to the bunks with a zip-tie.

Follow the battery instructions above.