Sunstream V-Lift


The award winning Sunstream V-Lift combines the advantages of a drive on dock system with the benefits of air displacement. The lift is constructed out of a composite material that is impervious to both salt and sun. The V-shaped cradle raises and lowers quickly thanks to the quad-blower technology, lifting your boat out of the water in less than two minutes. With the press of a button launching is quick and easy getting you out on the water in as little as 75 seconds. The blower systems are connected directly to each tank eliminating the cumbersome hoses associated with other air-displacement lifts eliminating leaking hoses.

The V-Lift doesn’t require any hardware to secure to the dock, simply tie the lift just like you would tie your boat. The lift is run off a 24v battery system that can be charged via the included AC charger or optional solar panels. The basic lift is 7,000 lb capacity but can be expanded to 11,000 lbs by adding two additional tanks. The lift will fit in slips as narrow as 10 feet making it a perfect fit for most marinas.

For more information on the Sunstream V-Lift please contact an associate.