Automatic Boat Lift Cover – Kelowna, BC

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Automatic Boat Cover installed in Mission, Kelowna, BC.

Nautique G25 – Automatic Boat Lift Cover

Cover your boat in seconds with the push of a button with the new Automatic Boat Cover from Sunstream Boat Lifts. With the new cover you benefit from complete protection from the sun, weather, bugs and birds. Gone are the days of manually covering your boat, now you can head out for a 20 minute surf without having to deal with the headache of uncovering and recovering your boat.

Why the Automatic Cover ?

– Use your boat more often, less hassle.

– Fast and easy hydraulic covering and uncovering

– Ultimate protection from the elements

– Better security.

– Covers down to the waterline.

– Does not block views.

– Spring mechanism and elastic keeps the cover tight.

As boat lift canopies are prohibited in many municipalities throughout British Columbia the Automatic Boat Cover from Sunstream Boat Lifts is the perfect solution! .

What if I get a new boat ?

Although the canvas is customized for each boat the hydraulic system remains the same. If you do decide to change boats we simply install a new canvas to your existing ABC frame.

Is my lift compatible ?

Currently the automatic boat cover is designed to work on the 6,000 – 10,000 lb Sunstream SunLifts. We can customize the cover to fit on the larger boat lifts as long as the overall boat length does not exceed 30′.

For more information and pricing please contact an associate.

Author: Yanek Buksowicz